Chaos Of Entanglement

    Cyrus – Part 2 I can see the wound, Mirrored now, in my stomach; The rivers run red Escaping from the mountain’s summit, Bursting out from the dams And these hands, my hands morrooned! Soiled in blood! I watch in horror, My eyes glued, As it trickles down my fingertips In vast vast […]

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Chaos Of Entanglement

    Cyrus – What’s in a name? It was in summer that I was born and named; A late bloomer conceived and coloured by midnight And cradled by the moon’s grace. By autumn, news threw leaves of vicissitude On this pubescent nation, Which seeded voices of confusion. For years I was unable to name […]

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Queen of the night

“Night-blooming cereus is the common name referring to a large number of flowering ceroid cacti that bloom at night. The flowers are short lived, and some of these species, such as Selenicereus grandiflorus, bloom only once a year, for a single night.” The evening sky Exhales a blackened sigh Of midnight relief; Driving the darkness […]

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Sound serpent song

Lights flicker and the drum sounds. The high hat hisses aquiver And the percussive vibrations ripple Across the bladed fingers of grass, Like a gyrating viper In search of prey that moves through the clearing. The sound serpent locates my feet And coils itself around my form; Activating once dormant sleeping limbs. The bass kicks […]

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Kali 2.0

I am the blue pill The Id The I The It That’s me Who is me? I am the red pill The hidden The disguised Uncensored phallic subconscious ridiculous person I am Jack’s raging bile duct I am Jack’s cold sweat I am Jack’s smirking revenge I am one and many My fingers are like […]

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The Angry Socialist – Part 2 draft

And who will be the renegade voice? That voice standing in the mainstream void Of live streaming apathetic tyranny in a culture of Netflix and cotch? I meditate silently on the news feeds of twitter And congratulate myself on the retweets Of countless others who dare to inspire: Hashtag NHS, Hashtag State Education, Hashtag Social […]

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