Living flowers I do keep presented On thy simple stage; an alter For mine own eyes to praise and weep And would in thy soul be thus contented I offer up tall arching stems; heaven’s portal Flowering cherry blossoms in bloom on earth o’er My mind that do shy away sweetly Intertwined are […]

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Torn – word prompt challenge

via Daily Prompt: Torn It was on calm black waters I set my ship to sail, Slicing through the midnight abyss Where no compass could direct my course And where true north could not be cyphered From the celestial goodnight kiss. All attention converged to the fractured opening Like a beast whose slumber is disturbed […]

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Title unknown – first draft

Magic is a shamanistic rain dance Heard on desert island disc albums Found in our summer seasons. Higher consciousness is vanity disguised When proclaimed by celebrity gurus Seeking engagement from public eyes. Perfection is the ant-eye-climax Seen in tv advertisements For the female pursuit To be younger than their waistlines.

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